Local Vocals

On Friday the 28th we are going to play at Susi Plahl’s huge project Blues Jam featuring Local Vocals. This time Edi and Jan will play an even bigger role than last time. But see for yourself:

Vocals: Susi Plahl, Lili Kern, Sybille Kefer, Peter Dürr, Reverend Frank TT

1. Band: Hermann Posch g, Edi Fenzl g, Tom Müller ts, Silvio Berger d, Jan Fenzl b

2. Band: Fenzl Experience (ya know)

Yeah, that’s 2 badass killer bands for us! Yesterday we drank Schnaps and Beer rehearsed on Hermann Posch’s Farm and it was way to good for a practice. So tighten up your toupees, there’ll be quite a party going on on Friday at the Davis.

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