Chicken Foot Rag

Went up on the hill to see my baby
Tryin’ to find out what is on her mind
She sends shivers down my spine
One day she’s gonna be the little girl of mine
I wonder how she deals with a rollin’ stone

Woke up by the crow of the rooster
On the top of a stinky pile of shit
All that fresh air makes me dizzy
While she’s always busy
Will I ever hold her in my arms

She’s a country girl and I’m a rollin’ stone
While I drink and smoke she gives the dog a bone
I can’t get the girl out of my mind
I got too much time and a broken heart

She goes her way and I go mine
Can’t stop thinkin’ of her all the time
Seems like I have got to stay a lonesome cowboy
Till the end of my days
Sometimes a freebird’s gotta hit the road