Great Big Confusion

In the morning when I crawl out of bed
So many things are spinnin’ inside my head
Peace of mind nowhere to be found
Great big confusion is all around

All around

What’s my destination, that’s what I kneed to know
So many ways to choose but only one to go
Will I ever be sure about what’s right or wrong?
Give me an answer lord and don’t leave me alone

Don’t leave me alone

Great Big Confusion
Tell me what’s real and what’s illusion
There’s more to life but the things that we can see
Time to get in touch with the allmighty energy


I keep on playin’ my guitar, that’s what I know for sure
Cause we all have to do what we love until we have to go
No matter how hard the times that come will be
There is a light still shining, sometimes just hard to see

Just hard to see