Hamster Wheel

I feel like a hamster
In a burnin’ hot wheel of fire
Runnin’ for cover is runnin’ in vain
The landlord took my money
And the women took my soul
Keepin’ that hot wheel turnin’

Woke up early this morning
By reality knockin’ at my door
Don’t know exactly where I’ve been
I’m low on battery and out of gasoline

Ain’t got no doggone plan
How to keep it goin’
All I know is the wind’s blowin’
The answer my friend

Try to run, try to hide, try to find a little peace of mind
I can get no relief from the pressure and pain that I feel

The taxes higher – higher than me
Money for chicks and nothing for free
Workin’ and drinkin’ so hard
Tryin’ to make my livin’ on this here graveyard


Try to run, try to hide