Let Life Be Your Teacher

Here’s a little secret I found out
You don’t have to learn in school to know what life is all about
One more thing I want you to know
You better let someone up above show you which way to go

Let life be your teacher
Let love be your preacher
Let the lord be your guide
To make it though another night

So many people talkin’ about what’s good for you
You better listen to your heart, the one that’s always true
And when you’re down and out and you feel like you can’t go on
Don’t stop to follow your dream, the light will come along


When you’re doing nothing but ‘em things you love
You will get some higher power sent from up above
Don’t look back when you’re on your way to go
It’s time for you to see
What’s good your you and me
It’s time for you to feel
What’s fake and what is real
It’s time for us to know
Until we have to go

That life is our teacher
Love is our preacher
The lord is our guide
Everything will be allright