Happy Birthday Jimi

For the 5th time we will celebrate Jimi’s Birthday with a special concert, playing only Jimi’s music.

This time we also invited some friends (and Jimi fans) to perform with us:

Yıldırım Fakılar will bring his Strat, his incredible power and his dedication to Jimi’s Music to join us for a couple of Jimi’s songs.

Yildirim Fakilar

Yıldırım on MySpace and Facebook

When Martina Aminata Astronata Seydi Brenessel heard about the Happy Birthday Jimi Party, she shouted out: “Cool, I want to sing ‘Who Knows’”. Let’s do this! It will be a great pleasure for us to play some Jimi classics with her passionate soulfull voice.

Aminata Seydi

Aminata on MySpace and Facebook

As usual, Edi will exhibit his collection of Jimi Hendrix posters, there will be only Jimi Hendrix music in the jukebox, after the concert we will show some Hendrix DVDs and maybe somewhere there will glow some incense sticks too.

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