Fenzl Experience

Twelve and a half handmade real deal hippiewestern songs full of power, love and guitar!

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  1. Texas Shuffle: A brief overview of the up’s and down’s of Edi’s trip to Austin, Texas, the self-proclaimed world capital of live music, where they use to say: “keep Austin weird!”. Did you spot the reference to Gov’t Mule?
  2. Done: Don’t want to walk this dead road no more. Don’t want to wear them ball and chain no more. Got to leave you and walk right out of your door.
  3. I’m Tired: a.k.a. sick of it, out of battery, low on gasoline.
  4. Enough Of That: We’re oh so rich and famous and can’t stand it anymore.
  5. Let Life Be Your Teacher: The answer lies in each and everyone and in all of us.
  6. See My Baby: Based on a real story, this song was written during the recording session after one morning Edi came up with some kind of boogie and the first line of the lyrics in his head.
  7. Hamster Wheel: What’s so bad about living in a modern western industrial society? This. Greetings to The Black Crowes by the way.
  8. Stranded: “Fuck yourself, bitch”, put into more polite words.
  9. Great Big Confusion: Could you please repeat the question?
  10. Heeznbee & Booznboo: There’s only one thing I wanna do. Now go wash your mouth!
  11. Uckademashitta: and uckademahard!
  12. Chicken Foot Rag: The sad story of  the western hippie and the mountain girl.
  13. Dream Of A Western Hippie: A shocking insight to the private life of a hippiewestern rock star.

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